Cyberview Bet Capture Scanner

£595.00 ex. VAT£714.00 inc. VAT

A4 High-Speed BetCapture Scanner (printer not included), 200-600dpi, Parallel or USB (please specify)

Compatibility Vista, Windows XP
Brand Cyberview / ScanPrint
Page Size A4
Scanning Speed Up to 15 ppm
Networkable No
Driver TWAIN
Colour Type Colour, Greyscale, Black, White
Resolution 600x600 dpi
Scanning Side Simplex
Weight 1.50
Width 340.00
Length 100.00
Height 110.00
Flatbed No

Cyberview Bet Capture Scanner Service & Repair

If your Cyberview Bet Capture Scanner is in need of repair contact us today. At our Document Repair Centre we offer a range of options to keep your Cyberview scanner running; including on-site repair, swap out repair, replacement scanner . Contact us today to find out exactly what we can do for you.

Product Description


  • Patented scanner solution with exceptionally fast scanning - less than 0.3 of a second for a check and 1.0 second for a full A4 form at 200 DPI
  • Scans photographs, documents and handwriting which can be processed with most OCR packages
  • Extremely small footprint (Size: 340mm x 110 x 100mm, Weight: 1.5kg)
  • Handles document sizes from 60mm x 60mm up to full A4 size
  • Connects processor and printer through high-speed parallel port technology or can be embedded in any equipment
  • Resolution from 200-600 DPI Optical
  • Easy-to-use scanner with auto-start, auto-skew, anti-dirt and anti-jam patented technologies
  • Operates with all PC industry interfaces
  • 8-bit and 4-bit gray-scale as well as 1-bit black and white
  • Proven reliability, with MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of more than two years
  • Life of more than 500,000 transactions
  • Applications include document management, image recognition, banking, gaming and retail EPOS solutions
  • Utilised in more than 50,000 locations and has processed in excess of 20 billion transactions
  • Available in parallel and USB connectivity

* Please note: The Bet Capture Scanners require Bet Capture Software to run correctly.  Bet Capture Software not included.

* Please note: Additional Power Supply Units, if required, can be purchased here:

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